WhatsApp will stop working on these devices: how to know if you are affected.

Even though if you are using a device of last generation, you should not worry about this news, there is a lot of users that are still using their old phones. If you are in this second group, you have to know that it is posible that you have to say goodbye to WhatsApp in less than a year or even earlier.

The messenger company remembers that in their use terms that the oldest evrsions of Android will stop being supported since february 2020, but this messure will also affect different models of iPhone and, in sime days, Windows Phone.

Which mobile phones will stop using WhatsApp? Even though the signature under Facebook does not note the models, it specifies the SO versions that will stop giving support to WhatsApp: the ones before Android 4.0 (or Ice Cream Sandwich) and the iPhones that stopped on iOS 7 or older versions. Although it’s hard that there are users with those older versions of Android, if it’s a propietary of a samung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus of Google or an Xperia S from Sony that is not updated to Android 4 (or even older models), won’t be able to use the famous messenger app since the beginning of the next year.


Being told that iPhone gets old in a better way and resists better the past of the time, it will happen the same to the users of certain models of this phone. If someone still uses an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPhone 4 since February should think about get a new model or try other messenger app (which is not the best idea since most of the contacts use WhatsApp as a default messenger app)

Worse news, if possible, for the users that still use Windows Phone, because the app will stop being available in a few days, more concretly the next 1st of July, as some sources say.

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