Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Defender. Update!

Afected Resources:

  • Internet Explorer 9,10 and 11
  • Windows Defender


Microsoft have corrected 2 vulnerabilities out of their updating cicle, which ones a cyber deliquent could execute a malicious code remotely and this way he could seize control of the system and to generate a denieing server condition.


In the case of Microsoft Internet Explorer is necessary to install the needed security update to the version we need. The Windows Defender update is automatic, so we only have to check if the automatic updates are activated.

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The updates correct the security problems that are detailed here:

  • A vulnerability on Internet Explorer is traduced to the bad functionality in the handling of memory objects. A cyberdelinquent could make use of this vulnerability and seize control of the affected system with the objective of installing and executing programs, see, change or delete data, or to create new user account with all the permissions.
  • A vulnerability in Microsoft Defender that triggers a inadequate files management. The exploit of this vulnerability could allow a cyberdelinquent to generate a service denial condition, preventing the users with legitimate accounts to execute system files.

Remember the need of keeping your systems and applications always updates and follow these tips:




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