Update your access passwords to Wallapop

In the last days the famous second hand transactions app, Wallapop, have informed their users through email, about a suspicious access to their platform and recommend to change all credentials from everyone in their accounts.

Affected Resources:

Potentially, all of the users that have an account on Wallapop.


If you receive an email with the thread “security information”, you have to access to your Wallapop account and change your password ASAP.

You can do it this way:

From the offical website: https://web.wallapop.com/.

1- Press the “Register or log in” button placed in the upper right on the screen.

2- Log in in with your data: paassword and email

3- Inside the “Profile” menu, enter the section “Account”.

4- In the paragraph “Account Information” you will find the option to change your password.

In adittion:

– Remember to create a strong password.

– Do not reuse the password, that means to create a new one only for this.

– Check the status of your products and bank movements to discard an inadequate use of your data.

– Change the password in every service where you have used the same password as in Wallapop.

– If you find any suspicious behavior in your account status, contact the privacy service of Wallapop: privacidad@wallapop.com.

For more information about how to manage your accounts without risk, see the next awareness campaign: ¡Contraseñas seguras!


If you have received an email like the one in the image, you must change your password ASAP.



















The email informs the user that they have detected an inadequate use in their platform and for that reason, between the security actions added, the session must be closed and delete the affected passwords. For this reason, it is recommended to change ASAP the access passwords to the service.

For now, there is not an offical release with more information, however, though other channels, like the social networks, the platform is giving answers to some questions made by some users.

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