The network MeshTalk allows you to speak with your friends without Wifi or Bluetooth.

Oppo MeshTalk is a recently announced device that has surprised the world. According to the specialists in cyber security services, this is the first smartphone that allows the user to chat and make calls without the need of mobile data, bluetooh or wifi. How is it possible?

The introduction of this prototype was done in the MWC 2019, in Shangai. In this event, the developers announced that the communication between the devices of the company using this technology have no need of servers, which strengthen the privacy of the user.

The devices from the brand Oppo, besides counting with an integrated camera down the screen, they have the technology MeshTalk, which allows the users to communicate without any kind of connection in a 3 km radius.

The company says that the smartphone has a 72 hours battery in suspension mode which is really useful specially in emergency situations where the user needs to keep himself communicated and has not enough battery or when the mobile networks are too full.

According to the specialists in cybersecurity services, the technology MeshTalk uses the customized chip that takes advantage of the descentralization, the biggest velocity and the less energy consumption. As they say, the user’s experience privacy also feels incredible improvements thanks to not being dependant to a server or a base station like the rest of the communication alternatives nowdays. Besides, you can create a local area network (LAN) with various devices to create group chats and to widen the communication range.

The device is still in a development state and the manufacturer company have not provided more details about the reale date of the definitive version of Oppo Meshtalk. Besides, the specialists in cyber security services talked about being probable that the current Oppo devices could not be optimized for the use of technology MeshTalk, which means thet only the next releases of the company will have this functions preinstalled,


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