The Defense department of USA was hacked. Secrets and data from the employees leaked.

A defense agency of the EE.UU government that provides yechnological services to multiple high officials, incluiding the president, has revealed that their networks could have been compromised. Through a packs of cards to the possible affected people, the Defense Information Systems Agency(DISA) revealed a data breach that involves one of their critical systems, said the specialists in digital forensic.

According ti the leaked information until this moment, the data breach took place between May and July 2019, compromising confidential data as names, emails, social security numbers, and other details from organization members and collaborators frin other area in the EE.UU Defense, Until this moment it is unknown if the information was stored in a classified system.



















Besides there were no official confirmation, Charles Prichard, spokesman of DISA, admitted the incident with a release: “We began to notify to the persons whose confidential information could ahve been compromised during the data breach in one of our systems stored by DISA”. Said the spokesman.

About the possible responsibles of the incident, it is not discarded that it may be cause of a group of malicious actors sponsored by some rival country of EE.UU., specially after the resolution of the american government avout the incident in Equifax. Some days ago, The Department Of Justice (DOJ) accused 4 members of the Chinese army for their supposed participation in the hacking against the financial brand, which ended in the exposition of more than 140 millions of confidential reports,

According to the specialists in forensic digital from the International Institute of Cyebr Security (IICS), the DOJ has also attributed to the chinese hackers other incidents of relevant data breach, as the one occured in the chain brand hotel Marriiott, although any officer from the government or the chinese army have been formally accused for these atatcks.



















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