BM Security has announced the results of the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index anual index for cybernetic threats, which has observed a significant reduction of ransomware attacks.

However, cryptojacking attacks increased. They use the computing power of an organisation illegaly and without their knowledge to grind cryptocoins, and it doubled the ransomware attacks.

Being more worth for cyberdelinquents this kinds of attacks, they’re focusing on it because the price of a cryptocoin as bitcoin has reached the amount of 20000 dollars in 2018.

IBM X-force also discovered that the cybercriminals have modified their concealment techniques, In fact, according to IBM X-Force, abusing SO attacks have increased. More than a half of cybernetics attacks (57%) used infected archives that were hard to detect, including the use of PowerShell and PsExe, while phising was almost a third (29%) of the attacks.

IBM X-Force works from the obtained information through the monitoring of 70000 security incidents in more than 130 countries. IBM X-Force executes thousands of spam traps aroudn thw world and monitores about ten millions of spam and phising attacks every day while analyzing thousands of websites and images to detect scamming activities and brand abuses.

Another findings were:

– The increase of vulnerabilities forms: Almost a third (42000) of the 140000 vulnerabilities tracked by IBM X-Force the last 30 years were reported in the last 3 years. In fact, IBM X-Force Red finds an average of 1440 unique vulnerabilities, for every organisation.

– The bad configuration is frequent mark in the companies: The public incidents due a bad configuration in the systems increased a 20%. Curiously, the number of compromised registers decreased a 52%.

– High frequency of scammings executed via customized corporative emails: The campaigns of fake corporative electronic emails represented the 45% of the total phising attacks tracked by X-Force.

The transport appears as an industry to keep in mind (for teh cybernetic attacks): The industry of transport became in the second most attacked sector in 2018, while a year ago it was on the 10th position.





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