The 60% of spanish people suffer from anxiety if the lose or get stolen their mobile phones.

The anxiety suffered when the battery is running out or there are problems with the coverage is nothing compared for so many people to the suffering of losing the mobile phone, being stolen or just by being distracted, having the screen totally broken or the the buttons do not work properly.

This is what the first study about emotional and economic impact of mobile phone use, that the brands for connected devices SFAM and Ipsos have made, they predict that almost the 60% of spanish citizens feel very anxious if the lose their smartphone

The study, made from the opinions of more than 800 persons presented this week in the mobile World Congress (MWC), confirms that the phones and other devices like laptops or tablets are part of the personal and professional routine of the spanish people. Like this, as an example, the 82% use the mobile phone to talk, the 76% for chatting and the 72% to take photos and using the social networks; the 49% to listen to music and the 46% to work.

Being for hobbies or work, the truth is that the 55% of the ones polled consider “essential” the mobile phone and maybe this is the reason why an important part of the budget is destined to this: the 42% invest between 200 and 500 euros, the 23% invest more than 500 euros. And only the 15% of the users have it secured.

By age gaps, the report says that the young people are the ones that prefer more expensive devices, possibly because of their major plugins and they also choose the most secure ones. By the other hand, when people grow older, they tend to spend less money on mobile phones.

The results were presented by Francesc costa, general director from Ipsos Spain, and Sadri Fegaier, CEO from SFAM, that used the chance in the MWC to present their unship in Spain of the french company, that is working for 20 years in safes.

The brand, that predicts a quantity of 740 millions of euros this year and with 6 millios of clients, has chosen Barcelona to place their offcies, concretly in the Mapfre Tower, and predicts to close the year with more than 300 employees in the catalonian capital that will give their support to the clients with teletips. The first 40, that are being trained, will begin to work this month.

Their services wallet include safes for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and pc towers, but also for watches and other connected devices and the company pretends to give solutions in a maximum time of 48 hours, losses or robberies.




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