Student arrested for hacking german politicians

A 20 years old german student has been arrested for hacking german politicians, german journalists and celebrities from the month of december, one of the worsts events of this type in the country.

The young man has admitted the robbery of data and its publication on the internet. According to the german public attorney, “ he says that he only wanted to obtain the information illegaly and publish it”. Until now, there’s no evidence that other people or groups have something to do with this man, although his laptop is being analysed. His external storing device and other seized electronic devices.

The youngster said: I am annoyed by the public declarations done by the politicians, journalists and public personalities” to explain the robbery of the data. Although the illegaly adquired information belonged to legislatives of every group of the german Parliament with the exception of The Extreme Right Alternative for Germany, it hasn’t been found “any proof of a polithics particular reason for this robbery”, say the authorities.

Without penal criminal records and without any special knowledge about computing or cybersecurity, it is not sure how the young man managed to steal the personal data of 1000 public persons, including Angela Merkel and the politicians of every group except the extreme right group.

Known in Twitter as “G0d”, he published in the website microblogging personal data and financing data, telephone numbers, private chats and cards, some data from credit cards, adresses and copies from some identity documents from the victims. If they end condemning him, he could be jailed for 3 years.

It is one of the biggest data leaks in the country’s history, specially by the significance of the affected people, there is still the process of eliminating the exposed data on the internet. Although the investigation is not closed, there’s no evidence that has been leaked any kind of risking information for security or any compromising information about the politicians.

The justice minister, the socialdemocratic Katarina Barley, named the data robbery as an “attack to our democracy and their institutions”. At the same time, the impopular inner minister, Horst Seehofer, has been criticised for being late informing the affected people in a case that has rised a big dusty scene in Germany.



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