Nintendo assured that they added advanced security codes in this new Switch’s firmware version.

The most recent version of the Nintendo Switch’s firmware was haced the same day that was launched, reported the network security expertrs from the inetrnational cybernetic security institute. The users managed to hack the previous firmware version 7.0.0, thought to be used to improve the device’s stability, in only 4 hours after its release.

Nintendo said that this firmware version included advanced security codes as a preventative meassure against any hacking activity, but cause to this incident, specialists in security network consider that the developers may have underestimated the abilities from the videogame device users.

Thanks to this, Nintendo has been converted in the new target of jokes from thousands of users in the different social network platforms, mainly in Reddit, even the more enthusiastic were surprised about how easy hackers managed to dodge the “advanced” security meassures of the firmware.

The hacker in charge of compromissing the firmware, known as “Elmirorac”, was supported by another hacker with the alias “SciresM”, who is the same expert that discovered a way to compromise completly the Nintendo Switch, also to mention that this error could only be repaired with a hardware update.

Experts in network security believe that Nintendo should reconsider the excessive use of Nvidia Tegra processors in their videogame platforms, installing a new group of chips before this problems become unrepairable and the piracy become the new owner in the Switch platform market.

The bug, known as Tegra Bootrom, is a security problem highly documented. Experts consider that even Google should stay alert to the problems that are generated by the use of these chips, so this hardware parts are also used in several Android devices.


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