Microsoft will delete the accounts thatare innactive for 2 years

Microsoft will delete the accounts that are innactive for a period of more of 2 years, as they announced in their statement about ehir service policy changes last 1st of July, and will begin to be applied the next 30th of August.

The meassure is subject to various and important exceptions. Like this, the professional paymenta ccounts, that have some kind of current subscriptions or products, have money or promotions, or being of familiar use won’t be affected. Neither the accounts that have published content in the Microsoft Store.

For example, the users that have bought a service of the company or an App in the Microsoft store won’t be affected by this cancelation policy.

The company have warned that, in case of an account being eliminated for inactivity in the aplication of the new policy, Microsoft will block that a new account is created with the same email adress, avoiding like this impersonations of identity.

They will neither cancel if we have an active subscription but we dont log in on that account. However, once the subscription epriod ends, the two years will count again. In the case that you have published applications or games (Including DLC) in the Microsoft Store, or you have a Microsoft Partner Center account, won’t be deleted for inactivity either.

To avoid this meassure being applied, that will be on the 30th August of 2021, you just need to log before that date to deactivate the period.





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