Massive Cyberattacks against the Equatorial governement after the detention of Julian Assange.

According to specialists in forensic computing of the International Institute of Cybernetic Security (IICS) the government of Ecuador has faced around 40 millions of cyberattacks as a retaliation for the decision of denieing the political asylum to Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, which allowed his detention by the british authorities.

After being as a refugee in the equatorial embassy in london for almost seven years, Lenin Moreno, president from Ecuador, decided ti stop giving asylum to Assange. Moreno keeps saying that Assange didn’t make up his word by peeking in the polithical affairs from other nations, besides he keeps doing his spy activities.

ince the detention of Assange, various online platforms from the government of Ecuador began to receive multiple cybernetic attacks, supposedly done by parties supporting the founder of WikiLeaks, reported the experts on forensic computing.

The investigations done by the equatorian government have revealed that most of the cyberttacks have been originated in EE.UU. , Holland, Germany, Brazil, France and England.

Civil servants from the Equatorian government added that the attackers sent an enormous amount of traffic to a single server, collapsing the service by consuming all of its bandwidth. Javier Jara, from the Telecommunication Ministry from Ecuador, keeps on saying that the attacks are directly linked to the detention of Julian Assange.

According to the experts in forensic computing, the threat actors focused the attacks against the central bank, the minsitry of foreign affairs and the country president’s office.

For now, Assange keeps being arrested in the Belmarsh prison, UK. The founder of WikiLeaks could be extradited to EE.UU. , where he faces crimes like hacking against the government or against Sweden, where is a legal process against him for an inappropriated sexual behavior. If they send him to american territory, Julian Assange could even be receiving the death penalty, but the british government have not confirmed yet his extraditation to the EE.UU.


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