Kapersky reassures the space training the astronauts in cybersecurity.

Kapersky has announced a new agreement in collaboration with the Training and Investigation Center of cosmonauts, Gagarin, where astronauts from all over the world trains and prepare for space travels

The advanced technologies play an important role in the development and the space exploration and it is essential that this sector is protected. If any cyberattack has an important economic impact and bring extreme consequencies in the daily life, the same threats could be devastating for the space sector. For this reason, Kapersky organises special cybersecurity courses, where the experts of the Investigation and Global Analysis instruct the current and future astronauts, and even other professionals in this sector, in the essential fundamentals of cybersecurity. This way, they reinforce their knowledge about how to explore the space in a safe way.

The Training and Investigation Center of cosmonauts, Gagarin, a Roscosmos company placed in the Star City in Russia, it’s the international training center that works with special agencies from various countries, like NASA(EEUU), CSA (Canada), ESA (Europa) or JAXA( Japan). In this center the astronauts complete their training and the attend to previous exams before traveling to the international space station.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, has commented: “We are excited to support this center which was created in the beginnings of the space exploring era and where new astronauts from all over the world are being trained. It is very exciting for us to be helping in the development of the scientific progress and to help in the humanity’s project.

The Gagarin center is supporting the space piloted exploration around 60 years. They were in the vanguard in the firsts space flights with pilots of the world and since then has supervised other important achievements, like the first flight of a woman pilot, the first space travel and the regular flights inside the space stations.

Pavel Vlasov, responsible of the Training and Investigation Center of cosmonauts, Gagarin, has commented: “ We are very satiesfied of reaching this agreement with a renowed leader in the cybersecurity sector. We are united by our singularity and our efforts to be the firsts and the bests. Altough we work in different areas of activity, we share common values, like the passion for our business, the innovation and the working objectives.


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