Iphone security does not work? New malware has infected more than 500 millions of users.

According to specialists in IT forensic analysis of the International Institute Cybernetic Security (IICS) a cybercriminal party known as eGobbler have exploited a vulnerability in Chrome for iOs systems with the objective of attacking the users from the iPhone devices with an exploit that gives them malvertising; there is around 500 millions of users in the world that have been infected.

The malvertising is an attacking method where the hackers show the users some advertisments aparently without harm; the truth is that this ads contain a code that redirects the victims to the websites with malicious content, said the specialists in IT forensic analysis.

The reports about this campaign of attacks deployed by eGobbler have concludir that group of threats have infected servers of legitimate publicity, the same used to deploy the ads that will show the popping malicious window.

The main point of these attacks used by this group of hackers have two functions; generate money with the shown ads and the capability to redirect the user to the fake websites where they will tru to extract your personal data or infect with a malware.

The specialists in IT forensic analysis consider that they are a well-organised cybercriminal party with a good capability of deploying their malicious cargo.

About the exploited vulnerability, the Chrome version for iOS works with sanbox technology, which blocks the ad code to interact with other parts in a very dangerous way.

“This is a pretty inusual attacking campaign; in theory, the sandbox enviroinment of iOS should be capable of blocking the redirection to malicious places. However, it couldn’t stop these attacks”, said the experts of a cybersecurity brand.




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