INCIBE launches a new edition of the program Ciberemprende to support the enterprisings in cybersecurity.

The time to present the new proposals end the 1st September. The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), a dependant entity from the Economics and Companies ministry through the the State secretary for the Digital Improvement, has launched a new edition of the ideas and enterprising projects in cybersecurity “Ciberemprende”.

To stimulate the creation and development of new projects related with the cybersecurity and to boost the technological innovation in this field are the main objectives if this initiative coorganized by the Enterprise Competitiveness Institute of Castilla y Leon; The Economics development, formation and work Instiute from Leon (ILDEFE), dependant of the Leon city hall.

This project incubator of enterprising projects is framed in some of the main objectives in the working line of INCIBE, like the talent seeker, the promotion of the enterprising and cybersecurity and the

thrust of a strong cybersecurity industry to increase the digital trust.

In the “Ciberemprende” contest can take part separate people or teams, enterprising ones, adults and with residence in Spain, coming from universities, from training centers, technological centers and investigation buildings, professionals, investers, enterprises and local and national public administration. In any case, the must have a innovating business idea related with cybersecurity and with market projection.

The presented projects, which must be originals and without being in the market in a comercial way, must be evaluated by a comitee formed by experts, that will have the task of ratinh and selecting a maximum of 30 projects valoring a relevancy criteria, innovation, scability, market, maturity and promotion team.

The selected projects will access to the project incubator and will participate in a formation phase and online mentoring with the objective of increase the capacities and knowledge of the contesters to face the success of the firsts steps of their enterprising project. All of them will be introduced in a specific event (demo day).

After finish the incubator phase, the rating comitee will choose the 10 best projects that will participate in the Demo Day, the end of the contest, being able to achieve 3 money helps of 8000 euros, 6000 euros and 4000 euros. Independtly from this, the 10 best ideas or projects will also receive a money help for their project, as long as they take a training period of 2 weeks in Leon.



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