How to know if my smartTV is infected with a virus

In a way, a SmartTV is like a computer. Has computing components like memories, processors. The model. The model type “Smart TV” allow to connect to internet. And we all know: every device that connects to internet is sensible to be “hacked”. The alternative, logicly, is to not connect it, but you will miss a lot of specific functions.

Beginning from this, the televisions can also suffer from cyberattacks, or being inffected by virus that, with any luck, can only affect to the performance. In extreme cases it can be a spying device.

Is not the first time to be revealed the fragility of these devices. But a strange movement of Samsung has shaken the worries; the south korean brand published in their Twitter profile a guide to all the owners of Smart TV type OLED that check if there is any virus. The message, however, the profile has been deleted, but it shows again, that this kind if devices can also be hacked.

In any case, it is recommended to check sometimes if the TV contains any kind of “malware” or malicious code. And more if we are that kind of users that usually download apps like if it were the Smart Phone. In the case of the korean brand Tvs, it is possible to check it easily though a virus scanner that comes by default in some models.

Besides updating the SO of the most recent version, it is advisable to avoid downloading and installing “apps” that we dont know it’s origin because it can have access to certain permissions that put in risk the personal stored data.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to “configuration” menu on the Tv.
  2. Go to the window called “General”
  3. Press in the “Administrator System” tab
  4. Then, go to “Security”, a window that is in charge of the TV inspections
  5. After that we have to access to the monitoring system entering on “Scan”. It is a process that last a few seconds and, if you have a virus he will notice you.





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