Have you received a strange email from the tax office? Be careful, someone can be stealing your data.

The internet user security office just launched an alert warning about a new case of massive phising where hackers lie to you pretending to be the tax collectors.

One of their favourite costumes, because when the tax collector knocks our door, we have to respond if we dotn want things to get worse.

The internet user security office has discovered a new case of massive phising in our country where hackers pretend to be the tax agency to gather your personal and bank data.

The information has been posted in their website and there they explain how does this phising works. “ A fake email informs the client that they must receive an economic refund, and the give the client a link to a website with a form with the objective of obating your personal and bank information”, explained from the OSI. The ahckers not only create the design and the format of the email, they even give you a good readon to give the information without doubting.

Once the email is received, as they explain from the spanish organisation, the attackers recommend to click in a link that brings you to a “clonned” web of the original tax collector website (it is only different in the URL and other desing details) where the will invite you to input all of your personal, and bank data, and your own register keys from the own agency. “The site contains a form where they ask the user about the eprsonal data, ban data and their access data and passwords”

To end, the thiefs copy all the form and promise that they will send you a code via SMS to your phone, so you can claim your money. Obviously, this message never srrives to the phone.

What Happens if i have already given my data?

The best you can do in these kind of cases is to give your personal information and data in places with dubitous legality. Watch the URLs, ask your relatives, etc. But if you have already fallen into this trap and read this knowing that they stole your data, there are two steps that you must follow immediately.

First, check your bank accounts and warn the bank entity to avoid the thiefs to use it. And second, check in the net all the info you gave to these hackers to check if they have been leaked through the internet,



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