Facial recognition company is hacked: More than 3 millions of face pictures exposed.

Everything evolves in the world of cyber security, even the attacks. According to recent reports, Clearview AI, a brand of facial recognition have gathered thousands of millions of pictures from over the world, have suffered a security incident that ended in the massive data filtrations.

Between the compromised information there are complete lists of the clients of the technological brand, in which there are police agencies from different parts in the world, their browser searchings and the quantity of operating accounts for every client.

A representant of the company says that the enormous database where the brand stores the pictures that have gathered has not been compromised during the incident: “ While the secuirty if this information is vital for us, these incidents of cyber security have become part of our daily life in the XX! Century”, said Tor Ekeland, representative of Clearview AI.

Although 2 months ago the brand was not famous, a reportage published in New York Times showed the world the way that Clearview AI gathers information from the most used online platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, and others) to nourish the enormous database.

According to specialists in cyber security, some the most renowed clients of Clearview include the FBI and some local investigation agencies in EE.UU. This doe not mean that the company is not a focus of criticism; it evene xists a sue against them, made in Illinois. The suers said that the methods of Clearview seriously threaten the freedom of the american citizens. By the other hand, Twitter has sent a notification for the brand which asks for the stop of theses methods.

It is important to remember that the persons can ask for the company to delete their pictures from the database, although they have to go through a process of identity validating, sending a picture and an identification document to Clearview.

Although that the justification of Clearview is that their activities help to the crime fight, The International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) say that the percentage of efectiveness of this company is less than a 75%, besides, due the databasa growing bigger every time, the percentage of accuracy will keep decreasing.

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