Do you know what to do if someone impersonates you on the Internet?

What to do if you find out that someone is impersonating you on the social networks. You must immediately begin the adecuate procesures to revert the situation.

 The social networks are an extremely powerful tool that allows us to stay in touch and comunicate with family and friends all over the world. However, it can happen that someone impersonates us on the social networks, which means that someone pretends to be us. It’s very important that we can be able to detect those situations and what to do to solve it.

 We can find two differents ways of impersonate:

 – That a cyber criminal steals your access ID and pretends to be you:

 In this case, it’s crearly a crime that you must report to the police, because this person is not only impersonating you, he is also accessing to your personal and private data.

-That someone creates a profile with your data (Pictures, name, adress…)

 In this case, it will be a crime if that profile is pretending to be us. We can report it if that profile is using personal data like a picture of us, our adress, etc. , which means further data that just our name and surname.

Whatever the case, if we find out a case of impersonating, we must know how to act.

  The ID impersonating can originate the extraction of your personal and private data to the criminal that he may use for legal or illegal purposes.

 It can originate situations of cyber bullying to your close people like friends, family etc.

 The fact of being commiting a crime.

 We must must record and register every evidence of impersonating and every action realized by the criminals.

 We must save and register every text or emails that we receive from the criminals.

 Check regularly the social networks to find if we have ever been impersonated on them.

 Always take screenshots of texts and evidences of bullying and ID impersonating.

Warn all your contacts that theres´s a fake profile of yourself in the network.

 It’s recommended to use the App EGARANTE, which helps you to find legal evidences of impersonating and bullying. Recommended by the general management of the Guardia Civil.

 This app validates the content of a website on certain moments.

 You can download it from the link:

 Report to the management group of the social networks the fact that you are being impersonated and tell them to take action on that.

 Report the evidences and facts to the telematic crimes unit of the Police and the Guardia Civil.







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