A virus is capable of recording the user’s screen while they watch porn. It has been discovered by the canadian cybersecurity company ESET, which warns that this malware infects the computer of the users and record their screens while they watch their porn videos, besides stealing their passwords.

Baptized as Varenyky, the virus cheats the computer’s user through the spam with attached audio archives with the false objective of verify that they are humans. ESET tell that when you install those files, the users are are executing in fact a malicious spyware in their systems. The mechanism uses the browser Tor to enable the anonymous communications between the affected device and its server. Varenyky prepares since that moment tos end spam and, besides, toe xecute commands from their server in the computer.

This malware, which has the main objective the french users, was detected for the first time in May 2019. The virus gives attention to concrete things in the user’s pc like bitcoins or sexual words, after which it begins to record the pc’s screen and to send those recordings to the server. According to the ESET, this feature allows the attackers to use the informations of the screen to bing in campaigns of “sextortion”, something that is taking place since July.

Varenyky also allows the criminals to steal the passwords of the users. Besides, this malware made spam campaigns through bots where it sent mobile phones ads, with the objective of obtaining though phising information about them. This bot could send around 1500 emails per day.




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