Definition of Spyware

The spyware is a type of malware hard to detect. It gathers information about your habits, your browser history or your personal information (like credit card numbers) and ususally it uses Internet to send this information to third parties without your knowledge. They keyloggers are a type of spyware that monitores your finger push on the keyboard.

From where comes the spyware?

Usually, the spyware is included inside other software or in downloads from sites of data exchange (fr example, sites where you download music or films for free) or is installed when you open the attached archive on an email. Due to the secret nature of the spyware, the major part of the people don’t even know when do they have a spyware in their devices.

How to recognise a spyware

They can appear like new icons or not identified in the task bar in the inferior part of your screen, and the searchings can trigger that you be redirected to a different browser. Random errors messages appear when you make operations that worked well earlier.

How to eliminate the spyware

An antivirus can find and eliminate any spyware in your systems, because normally it includes a spyware protection. It can also check programs and parameters in search of soemthing that don’t belong to your system.

How to avoid spywares

  • Make sure that your browserm your SO and your software are updates and have the most updated security patches.
  • Stablish higher security levels and privacy in your computer.
  • Exercise caution if you frequent sites with data exchange.
  • Don’t click in ads pop-ups.





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