Definition of malware

The malware (abreviation of “malicious software”) is considered an annoying or damaging type of software destined to access to a device stealthly, without knowing the user. The types of malware includes spyware (spy software), adware (publicity software), phising, virus, trojans, worms, rootkits, ransomwares, and browsers kidnappers.

From where the malwares come

Frequently, the malware gain access to your device though inetrnet and email, although they can also gain access though hacked websites, demo games, music archives, task bars, softwares, free suscriptions or any other thing that you download from the internet to the device that is not protected with an antimalware software.

How to recognise a malware

A slow PC is, usually, a sign of your device being infected by a malware, as also are the pop up windows, the spam and the frquent blocks. You can use a malware analyzer (that are included in every tools for malware elimination) to check if the device is infected.

How to eliminate the malware

The best way to get rid of malwares is to use a tool for malware elimination, like the one found in a good antimalware software. The antivirus, also antimalware, can eliminate fast and easy the malware in your device. But it is more than a free malware alimination tool: it is also a real time protection against every malware attacks.

How to avoid malwares

  • Use a strong antivirus and antimalware software.
  • Do not open attached archives from emails that comes from unknown sources.

Remember to use antimalware softwares to protect yourself from malwares




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