An error in the Lime electric scooters cause accidents for sudden stops.

The company of electric scooters Lime has confirmed that the little percentage of scooters that are part of their fleet have been affected by a firmware error that causes the lead wheel of these vehicles to suddenly stop, which have caused accidents to the users.

Through an official release, the company has recognized the error, even though the company, it has only been registered in the 0,0045% of their fleet, and they asked the drivers to be extremely cautious when they use the vehicle.

The internal team of Lime, along with other experts, have done an analysis that shows when the scooter moves downhill at maximum speed and is shaken by an obstacle, the lead wheel stops without the driver using the brakes.

Even this error being uncommon,the company have confirmed that some drivers have been injured, and asks for their users to be cautious when they use their Lime: checking the vehicle before using it, extreme the precautions when going downhill, paya ttention to the visual and sound warnings of the scooter and respect the highway laws.

Lime has already developed an update that solves the firmware problem and they began to give it to the scooters from saturday in a partial way. The confirm that it will arrive to all of their devices soon.



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