5 good ways to simplify the security processes.

As the cyberthreats’ sophistication and complexity increase, it is logic that the companies look for stronger defenses to fight them. But stablishing those security processes of a company, is a problem, because the difficulty to increase the security by increasing the complexity is that the resources, specially the time and the equipment, do not increase automatically.

It is like a well equiped toolbox: it is not much useful if there’s noone that knows how to use the hammer, for example. The same way, even the most secure infrastructure requires of someone that manages it. Sadly, the shortage of IT personnel is a challenge for all the industry and there are no evidence of change: the 53% of the IT professionals all over the world is immersed in a fight against the evident miss of capable personnel in cybersecurity inside their companies.

The missing of IT personnel is a challenge for all the industry and there is no evidence of changing this which is necessary to simplify the security processes.

The employees thatd evelop determined jobs inside the department, generally, have to comply with their daily responsabilities at the same time they face the constant alarms and incidents of the technical support.

It is possible that all of this looks familiar to you and that yu think that the simplified security is out of reach of your company, but read the next five ways to agilize and simplify the security processes:

1- Simplify the security processes with centralized management

Invest in products thatare easy to configurate, to implement and to manage. It is enough for you to manage without adding the constant alarms or the little army of screens that you have to manage.

Search products of security network that allow a management without interruptions from a unique user inetrface. Besidesm if they are easy to configure and implement, these solutions also add centralized management from a single console, which allows to simplify and make more straight the process of management network and security policies.

2- Simplify the security processes with actionable and practical data.

Having detailed visibility in the activity in all the network while the IT infrastructures grow in size and complexity. This allows to the IT teams to recognise patterns, threats, and security breaches, and answer before any damage is caused. This data is very valuable, however, they are not useful if the security team cannot access easily to them.

Nowdays there are a lot of solutions of network visibility of the market that offer a lot of data, but that do not worry about the priority order.

This focus overcharges the majority of the security teams with an infinite amount of alarms that, simply, can’t be investigated nor priorizing in their totality. A solution with a true effective visibility recognises the limits if the bandwidth in a lot of IT teams and they focus in the efectivity of the most important events to maintain the network’s security.

3. Simplify the security processes with a stronger and safer Wi-Fi network.

While the wi-Fi access offers big benefits to the mdoern companies, like the BYOD programs or the mobile templates, it also generates big security worries in the corporative networks. We are in a period where everything is on the internet. Now, you only have to search in the web to access to resources of II attacks or go to Youtube to elarn how to break a Wi-fi network step by step, which strengthens even the most inexperienced cybercriminal and helps to spread the 6 categories known as Wi-Fi threats.

Since a lot of IT already use considerabel resources ti the Wi-fi problems (forgotten passwords in the mobile apps, synchronization of the email and difficulties to access to the wireless networks, for example), the major part of them do not have the bandwidth needed to implement various solutions that allow them to protect themselves from the six main threat categories, besides how to manage them. It is needed a unique solution that is easy to add and to manage, thats is compatible with the performance requeriments in their specific enviroinment and, besides, that it brings protection against all threats. All of this will help to create a new wireless, trusted enviroinment.

4- Simplify the security processes with multifactor validation based in cloud.

The security of the passwords is one of the major challenges that face the organizations nowdays, because the 81% of the data breach are caused by the use of weak passwords or stolen ones. As a result, the organizations are considering the use of multifactor authentication technologies (MFA) to add aditional barriers to the security for the access of corporative resources, but managing the use of lots of products MFA have been a challenge for the IT teams. The traditional implementations of MFA based in hardware use a lot of time and resources, which difficults to achieve an equilibrium between implementation and the exisiting priorities (without mentioning the service applications). Besides, a lot of MFA solutions require important training commitments by the IT teams, and one of the most heard complains is the in the traditional solutions relationships is the lack of use(or the lack of it) In fact, the 24% of the companies that do not use a MFA solution points the dificulties of implementation, maintenance and support like the key factors that limit their obtaining.

5- Delegate the security management to a MSSP

It exists designed solutions about the basis of simplicity to help a company to gain time in the day. However, if the administration of the security of your company is not a topic for the one with free time in your list of to do things, to think about the posibility of working with a Management Security services Provider (MSSP) can take off completely that weight from your shoulders, because they operate like an extension of your company and will make easier the time fo the day for you.

In conclusion, disposing of time and limited resources can difficult the security management of the IT in your organization, So, you have to search for solutions that have in mind simplified processes for the configuration, implementation and management. Your network is already complex, so make it easier to keep it safe







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