Project PIC’s analysis and the law that propels it must not be executed from the obsolete prism of the impositor/sanctioner – abiding enterprise. It must not be executed either from the traditional enterprisal approach cost – pure benefit. The PIC law spirit goes even further. It seeks to introduce, at half period, a security culture where the private sector and the public administrations work about homogeneous and well defined parameters about protection of their respectives actives, achieving a good efforts coordination and a synergy between the objectives.

It’s an enormous task to try to protect the society against so many dangerous and unthinkable threats. For that, it’s required to cooperate, to share information, evaluate possible risks and prioritize human resources, material resources and economic ones. So our challenge is to protect the society against any threat by using all the resources at our disposal, and that’s only possible by coordinating the efforts of every agent involved. That’s exactly the reason and boost that the LPIC 8/2011 pretends to apply.


The national system of protection of critical infrastructures contains those institutions, authorities and enterprises that comes from the public sector and from the private sector, with responsibilities of the correct work of the main services and the security of the people. It’s important to mention on the PIC system the role that plays the critical operators, the ones that manage a critical infrastructure. The national system must define the combination of strategies and the initiatives needed for run and coordinate the steps to follow of the different responsables organs. With that, the system will boost the cooperation and the implication agents and the owners of those infrastructures with the goal of optimize protection tier and help on the security of the population.


Obviously, this system must rest above the establishment of solid ties of cooperation between the operators of our infrastructures and the organs that are dedicated to protection. Only on a trusty basis between both we will be able to build a good security structure.


The agent participation of the PIC system, forsees a new series of responsibilities, obligations and capabilities for their members, which ones works on the building of working sector groups( which ones are run by a interdepartmental  working group under the rule of the PIC comision), the access and exchange to information of interest for everyone (under confidential clauses and over the basis of need to know) and the participation of on the planning activity boosted and created by the Law and the Order PIC.

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